Alps Kiosks Introduces “The Library” Automated Kioskomated Book

This Automated Retail kiosk can hold items for borrowing or for sale, the system has an intelligent robotic arm that can retrieve or replace items that have been rented, borrowed or returned. Each item is allocated on a tray inside the machine and can automatically adjusts the size to suit the smallest of items as well as larger items (Books, Laptops, CDs, DVDs, Cameras, Pens etc.).

Watch a video of The Library in action:

Delivery System

The Library takes Automated Intelligent Retailing to the next level by providing incredible flexibility, state of the art technology inventory management (via RFID tracking) of product. The Library features a unique tray dispensing system that places the product on a tray and then stacks the product into a rack.

How it operates

The users insert their library card into the card reader and log into the Library Management system (LMS), as they would do normally. The 19” touch screen then displays the options to search for items. Once an item is selected more information on it can be displayed or the user can select the item to borrow. The items are then dispensed in the opening. Borrowing or returning of items is in the same location.

What makes this Automated Retail Kiosk (Library) Unique:
• Sell or Rent! It was originally designed to function as a working automated library, allowing clients to rent and return books when the Library was closed. The Library can be applied to any type of Rental or Sales requirement: Industrial management of inventory, Hospital management of inventory – basically any type of tracking of inventory requirement.
• The Library is equipped with Intelligent Robotics and sensors. The kiosk knows how much space has been designated in the racks for each product size and automatically knows where to place products in the rack for multiple SKU’s of variable sizes.
• Mobile App a Reality: Reserve your product via the ALPS Mobile App on your phone. Scan your QR code (emailed to you) at the kiosk retrieve your purchase or rental. It’s that Simple!
• Inventory: This system is perfect for a multitude of products and can sell anything from jewellery, books, electronics, clothing and even tools. Depending on the height of the product the Library can be configured to hold up to 600 individual SKU’S. Anything that fits on the 8” x 11” tray with maximum 6.5” height can be sold through the Library kiosk. Start your Automated store today!
• Web Enabled Hosted Administration: With all our Automated Retail Kiosks, our software back end provides diagnostics and kiosk management for efficient operational and organizational control. All kiosk analytics’ and other information are sent remotely to a mobile phone or PC specified by you, giving your management team complete control of communication.


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