Alps Kiosks has done it again, with the introduction of The Alaska: The World’s Mosta Advanced Frozen Food Vending Machine. Now your customers can enjoy healthy and delicious frozen snacks, anywhere, anytime.

Alps Kiosks makes it easy to provide frozen treats with this “Plug and Play” system. Virtually everything you need is included, allowing operators to quickly get up and running, and giving customers ease-of-use, and instant gratification.

This beautiful and robust system features:
6 floors, 6 lanes (expand to 7 floors, max.)
Maximum SKUS 42, 840 units in total
10” Touch Screen
Patented Chain Delivery Lanes (no Coil) Floors, Tabs and Micro Tabs
Catalogue Set Up
Freezer Refrigeration mounted on top with Surround Skirt.
Dim: 41” L x 32” d x 80” h

Available Options:
Option: Credit Card and Pin Pad – Debit Swipe
Option: Coin/Change Dispenser, Bill Collection
Option: NFC Apple Pay, Google Wallet
Option: Receipt Printer
Option: Electronic Graphic Display for prices

Custom add-ons available – not included:
Aesthetic Enclosure

Biometrics readers and other scanners
Upgraded Software (Consumer survey, Social media integration)
Consumer Data and Analytics
Media screens

For more information, contact:


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