Our Automated Retail software is easily customizable so that it conforms itself to the look and feel of any organization with minimal changes. It is modular and segmented so that features can be added or removed depending upon the requirement of the portfolio of the retail unit.

A crucial component of any operating business is a reporting system which is accurate and available 24/7. Our management portal provides the business owner all the critical information in real time.

On line software programs control the robotic components enhances the maintenance of the unit and with the addition of remote troubleshooting capabilities uptime is near 99%. Errors are reported in real time via electronic messaging permitting service departments to remotely “look” at the issues within minutes of them happening. This minimizes onsite visits.

The end user experience has been designed that every touch, every button, every action has been thought out from end to end before software installation. Security features, workflow and ease of use are one-of-a-kind.


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