Smart Vending

Alps Kiosks is a leading developer of innovative and customized smart vending machines, automated retailing systems, micro stores, kiosks, and technology-driven self service retail solutions.

When technologists talk about the “internet of things,” those “things” are often pretty big: vehicles, factory machinery, even people. But sometimes the best use of connectivity is subtle. New smart vending machines, can be monitored across the U.S.  

Smart Vending machines are connected so that employees can monitor them from afar. Items out of stock, temperature changes, thieves—the smart vending machine knows all.
Retailers and business owners want low cost ways to either start a new business or expand an existing operation. Automated retailing and smart vending provides both low cost of entry and a rapid return on investment by reducing overhead and increasing profits thanks to automatic vending.
Alps Kiosks offers smart vending solutions that go beyond traditional vending. Non traditional vending solutions include an interactive touch screen ordering system and backend inventory management. Opportunities to display product information and customizable item sizes allow for a wider range of automated retail offerings.


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